Through the eyes of a child, the world is a candy store ready to be explored…
Through the eyes of an adult looking for trendy kid’s wear, nursery decor and fashionable parenting items, Lollipop Moon is just as delicious!

Why We Founded Lollipop Moon

Have you ever wanted to find a stand-out piece of clothing for the little fashionista or budding trendsetter in your life?  It can be downright impossible!  The majority of stores just don’t carry anything eye-catching or truly unique.

We were tired of searching for fashionable, trendy kids clothes.  So we set out to create the most incredible online shopping experience we could offer.  That’s why we only stock items that “wow” us from designers renowned for their creativity and style.

Some of our favorite designer labels include Ajo. Bebe, Tallulah Moon, One Posh Kid,Belle Ame, Caden Lane, Swankie Blankie, Baby Bella Maya, Trumpette, Mud Pie, Kaiya Eve and many more.

Additionally, we carry our own line of Lollipop Moon T-shirts, tank tops, hooded sweatshirts,
and other wearable delights, guaranteed to put the “bling” into any baby or toddler’s wardrobe!

The Passion behind Lollipop Moon

Lollipop Moon was begun by, a New York City based entrepreneur with extensive experience in the fashion industry.  Bringing  passion for trendy kids clothes and designer nursery and baby items to Lollipop Moon, personally testing and giving each product offered  a “thumbs up”.

Lollipop Moon collection has been reviewed and heralded by a variety of web sites and publications. In the future, we promise to continuously expand the offerings so customers can indulge in Lollipop Moon, the ultimate shopping paradise!