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Are Your Child’s Stylish Kids Clothes TOE-tally Cool?


Hip hat? Check!

Star sunglasses? Check!

Rocker outfit? Check!

Okay. Your son or daughter is almost ready to take on the flashing camera lights of the paparazzi… but don’t forget to add some funky footwear from Lollipop Moon’s line of stylish kids clothes!

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Boring Diaper Bags? No Way! Choose Bags with Baby Boutique Flair!


Diaper bags. They’re a necessity for moms, but they don’t have to be dull as butter knives or reminiscent of a utilitarian piece of luggage!

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Looking for Cool Kids Clothes? Take a (Tori) Spelling Lesson!


Straight from the pages of BabyCouture, Tori Spelling proves that her son, Liam, isn’t just the apple of her eye… he’s also a great model for cool kids clothes! Here, he’s wearing the awesome koi fish t-shirt that’s perfectly suited for any would-be trendsetter! You can purchase this amazing top as well as other shirts […]

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Burpies Look Baby Boutique Adorable!


Every parent knows that their little angel is going to have some — shall we say — “oral accidents” once in a while. But, hey, that doesn’t mean they can’t look cute as a button anyway!

That’s where Lollipop Moon’s baby boutique designer burp cloths come into play! Our burpies and bibs are anything but boring.

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Cool Baby Clothes for the Budding Fashionista!


Every parent, grandparent, godparent, uncle and aunt knows it’s true: the baby in their lives is the MOST adorable… ever!

If you’re goo-goo over the next little Lady Gaga, it’s time to shower your budding fashionista with cool baby clothes that say “I’m here world, ready or not!”

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Boys Need a Different Kind of Bling!


Bling for boys is a completely different beast than bling for girls.

When you’re looking for cool kids clothes for little dudes, that’s a critical fact to keep in mind!

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