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Black Celebrity Kids


        When it comes to web sites I have been there done that , read that and clicked right out. But I must say when I came across Black Celebrity Kids my face was glued to the screen. This site had me wanting more. I indulged in every bit of celebrity kids […]

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Trendy Apparel For The One You Love


Trendy Apparel For The One You Love. Need I say more? For years I have had this thought in the back of mind simmering. Waiting for the perfect moment to bring my creation to life. Then one day 6 months pregnant with my daughter Sofia my dream came to reality. Lollipop Moon was created. I […]

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Trumpette Silly Soles For Trendy Feet


    These way too cute Silly Soles by Trumpette will have your little fashionista the talk of the playground. Three different patterns all in one box. Mix but don’t match these Silly Soles.  These baby shoes will definitely add funky to any  little ones wardrobe. If  Black and White is not your thing  then […]

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Ajo.Bebe Practical and Shiek All in One


When it comes to practicality and fashion this Accessory Line from Ajo.Bebe has it all Vibrant and Sheik is what I call this fabulous line. I first came across this line during my ventures via world wide web. And ever since have been in love with everything this accessory line has to offer. Designer Julie […]

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